Are You a Metal Scrap Dealer? Download Precious Metal Calculator App

One of my friends, being a metal scrap dealer, was always seen making calculations, either on his calculator or in his mind (which was no less than a physical calculator). He dealt in precious metals, which refer to gold, platinum, silver and palladium. It was no soon when half of his life had gone in calculations that I introduced him to precious metal calculator app. It was an iphone app that seemed to me, as if it was just what my friend needed. The features included:

Precious metal prices- Bullion: It allows the user to get live precious metal prices per gram, per ounce, per grain, tola, and luong in the currency of his choice. This feature proved extremely helpful to my friend…

Portfolios: This app allows the user to create portfolios of different metals (coins, scarp, jewelry, bullion) in the currency of his choice, and track changes in their values as per changes occurring in the market. Now, my friend could keep a reliable record of all his assets, and have a clear idea of what all he possessed and their corresponding values in the market.

My friend is a frequent traveler, and it is his metal scrap business too that makes him travel overseas…This app allows him to maintain an extensive database of hundreds of gold and silver coins from distinct parts of the world. He can add and delete items in his database.

And the best part is that whenever he faces any kind of issue with the app, he immediately contacts the customer support for questions, feedback or technical issues…The customer support has always been very responsive and prompt.

So, now no more calculations for him all day…he may focus on other aspects of life as well, and enjoy life in diversity…Leave the rest for the precious metal calculator app…